Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moving Right Along: Tile & Stone Work

We're moving right along with our schedule with tile & granite installed inside and stone outside. We're officially locked out so we can only visit while someone is in the sales office. I was unsure of my granite choice for the kitchen but decided to keep it.  Boy, I'm glad I did because I absolutely love it! It goes so well with the cabinets and the floor.  I think it will be great with our stainless steel appliances as well.  Tile was also installed in the kitchen, morning room, and upstairs bathrooms.  We opted for to get it placed at a 45 degree angle in the morning room and kitchen and it makes all the difference.  Upstairs the accent tile in the master bedroom is wave-y for lack of a better word.  It looks like it was installed quickly and poorly.  Our PM is on this and hoping to be able to get the crew to fix it.  It is super disappointing since we paid for this upgrade and it looks very unprofessional. The light fixtures were installed and much to our surprise there was lights in the bedroom... anyone else have this?  I was under the impression it was only a light rough-in and not the actual fixture.  HVAC units were installed outside and the house was heated.  Outside the stone was installed and I'm still warming up to the siding color.  My hubby loves it and everyone we've showed thinks it looks very nice, so I'm not sure why I doubt it.  PM thinks they will start landscaping this week and finish up tile.  Not sure what else he expects to happen on the inside, but I hope to see some hardwood this week.

Cabinet/Granite/Tile Combo

Granite has a shimmer to it that I didn't notice with the sample

Spare Bathroom Tile & Tub

Tile Detail... nothing crazy, but I like it

Bathroom Light Fixture

Bedroom light fixture... not bad, we'll probably keep it for now

Master bathroom tub & shower

Detailed view of "wave-y" accent tile.  Its like this in many places.


  1. Its a bad thing. Was installed very unprofessionally.

  2. I do like the outside. Maybe you hesitate because it has a yellowish hint to it? The counters a beautiful. Sorry about your accent tile. I agree that I would want it fixed. Can't wait to see more as it all comes together.

  3. Your house is coming along together very nicely. I liked exterior combination too. It looks good. We also have darker granite Tan brown. After looking your snap of granite, I am sure I am going to love mine too.
    It surely is poor workmanship with accent tile. Don't worry! It will get fixed and you will have everything perfect. :)

  4. I see what you mean by wavy. I'm sorry. I'm glad it's going to be fixed. Definitely a quality control thing. You pay for something you want it done right.

    I love everything else. Very nice. Will they be putting shutters on the stone side? I think the color scheme is beautiful! Your whole home is!

  5. Thanks everyone!
    @ Gina... I think thats why I hesitate too because its more yellow than I had remembered.

    @ Songig..The counters are the new caledonia granite. Really hoping the PM comes through on the accent tile and it doesn't delay us if they have to reinstall.

    @Noey...I want it to look new and feel new! My house is a big investment and it should be done right. They do put shutters on the stone side, just not sure when.

  6. I love the exterior colors of your house! The stones--how beautiful!

    I like your bathroom tiles also; sorry about the accent tiles, I'm sure your PM will definitely have that fixed! I can't wait to see more pics!

  7. Think the outside colors look really great together. Let us know about the tile in the bathroom. Was your shower seat and that ledge in the corner of the shower a non standard option?

  8. It was an option with the upgraded bathroom layout we got as part of moving our master over the garage. I made sure it was included by asking our sales rep a million times to make sure we had one because I hate stall showers, but this one is a bit bigger and I can use the seat to set our shampoo and stuff on.

  9. It all looks fantastic...definitely keep the pressure up on them regarding the wavy tile...Have them also change out those spiral CFL bulbs in the bathroom fixture...there are regular shaped CFL bulbs that look much nicer...

  10. I think it all looks very nice. Question on the lights? did you have the lights there to install or did Ryan provide the lights?

  11. @ Sgt Rich... much to our surprise, the lights were included with the light rough-in upgrade, but I'm not sure if they would have been included if we didn't do that. I was wondering if anyone else got them. There aren't any fixtures in the places we opted for the fan rough in, but we'll be installing those shortly after closing.