Thursday, October 6, 2011


Siding is on and I wasn't so sure about it.  I think the initial shock was seeing it against the white house wrap.  I'm convinced it was NOT the color I chose, but everyone that has seen it has me given me confidence that it will look good with the stone color we picked, so we're sticking with it.  Plus, we don't really have much of a choice this late in the game due to its expense to change.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the stone  or a good overall picture of the house.  We've been delayed about a week again and I'm hoping its our last.  Drywall was to begin today since it hasn't started as scheduled from last Saturday.  Our kitchen and bath cabinets were in the garage and I LOVE them.  Can't wait to see it all inside.  It seems the last two weeks that things have really slowed down, so I'm hoping they pick back up again.  Getting REALLY anxious to get out of our apartment and into the house and already started packing.

Has more of a yellow hue than I remember picking.

Looks better in this picture

Morning Room with the siding


  1. It looks great! I hear ya, we are anxious to get our of our apartment too!

  2. The siding color looks good. Which color is this? We chose Sandy Tan. Can't wait to see how it actually looks. Hopefully there will be no surprises or shocks.

  3. I think it will look good. What color trim do you have? We have Sandy Tan, too with white trim and I think it will really pop. But then again, most of my house has tan-> brown walls with white trim. I think it looks very nice.

    Things are really slow over by us too. The lot to our left they started almost 2 weeks ago to dig the hole and then it just sat there. Finally yesterday they started to pour the footers. There is another house (Victoria Falls) over by Braddock and it looked like they stopped working for long periods of time. I have been watching that one since they put up all the exterior trim and then ripped it all down again and it looks like several boards are rotten and have big holes in them. So far (over 2 weeks now) they haven't touch the outside of the house. Tuesday they were in there laying hardwood, so at least work is going on inside. Not sure why they are slowing down - a little nervous about that. As it is we will probably not be moving till the beginning of January and I really am not looking forward to them slowing down. If they do and we slide closer to Feb - the greater the chance for major snow and I refuse to move in the snow.

  4. Color is called classic cream with white trim Susquehanna stone and brown shutters. Thanks for the boost of confidence all!