Monday, September 26, 2011

Pre Drywall Meeting & Independent Inspection

We had our pre drywall meeting with the PM today and it went pretty smooth and was rather uneventful since we've seen the inside of the house quite a bit.  We had an independent inspection on Saturday and PM basically went through the report and looked at all the concerns we & the inspector had.  He anticipates things to be fixed this week & plumbing and county inspections to also take place.  Drywall set to start Saturday and siding in there sometime, whenever its not raining.  He's shooting for pre settlement meeting to be October 31st and settlement  November 4th... soooo close, yet so far away!  We also ordered our washer and dryer to be delivered after settlement.  Lowe's was having the set we wanted 28% off until today, so we couldn't pass it up!


  1. So which w/d did you end up getting?

    At least you will be in before Thanksgiving. What a way to spend the holidays.

    What kind of issues did you find during pre-drywall? Then we'll know what to keep an eye out for!

  2. We ended up going with the front loading samsung we had oringinally chosen. It was in our price range and the reviews were mostly good, minus how it needed to rebalance to keep quiet.

    We didn't find any major issues, just some minor ones but we still wanted them fixed. There were some bowed studs in 4 rooms that they either put another stud next to or secured with a horizontal piece of 2x4. Another thing is they put a 4 1/2inch exhaust pipe inside a stud and it sticks out on both sides. When they go to drywall it won't be smooth, so they are going to have to replace it. Some of our plumbing was also out of the studs and would cause the same problem during drywall. Other than that, it was pretty smooth.

  3. I will make sure to put all that on our list to watch out for. We have a friend that will do our inspections for us - he is a builder and has done some home building before. He knows that Ryan will sometimes try to cut corners or things won't be plumb so he will be extra careful.

  4. Definately recommend the independent inspector to keep Ryan Homes on their toes. You'll be breaking ground before you know it! I'm sure it doesn't seem soon enough, I remember it felt like forever from when we signed until when the first sign of building started.