Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Floor Framing

Our lumber was finally delivered and framing is underway.  The delivery truck was unable to get a permit issued from the shop due to loss of power from good ole hurricane Irene.  Hurricane Lee is not treating us nice this week either, and we have been delayed a bit more due to massive rainfalls.  I think we're getting used to delays and they don't disappoint us nearly as much, not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Anyone run into rain during framing?  Should we be worried about the lumber being wet?  There is one spot in the morning room that has standing water, but I hope its all okay! Below are some pictures of the first floor framing that is complete.  I'm hoping they will work this weekend when its a bit nicer to make up some time. 

Front of house, without garage

Back of house: Stairs to basement, morning room on left and family room on right

Closer shot of front: dining room on right, living room on left

Garage with man door in incorrect place, but we actually think we might like it better here than on the side.

In the kitchen looking into the family room

Morning Room

Front door <3  It was such a pleasant surprise to see! I think its just so cute with the windows on the top and sides!

All the windows and doors waiting for installation


  1. The lumber getting wet is usually not too big a deal, but I don't think I would want the standing water sitting there on the floor for too long. Talk to your PM about it and express your concerns.

  2. Hi there. New here and can't wait to follow your build. We are still tossing between the Rome and a few others for the current community and the Bainbridge for the neighborhood down the street. There aren't any models near us for the Bainbridge. I wish I could walk through one.

  3. There wasn't an official model for us to tour, but before we signed our contract we walked a Bainbridge the day before their settlement and one that was at the drywall stage. We love the design and its going to be more than enough space for us! Look forward to seeing what model you pick!