Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time To Be The Squeaky Wheel

VERY frustrated  right now with the progress, or lack there of, on our house.  NOTHING has been done since last Thursday and our neighbors who we were caught up to, has two stories completely framed.  We have a call in with the PM to see what is going on and why they have wasted three beautiful working days doing nothing.  We're also telling him that we need  weekly updates in order to "earn" that 10 on the survey they are so worried about.  Hopefully, we get some answers soon and keep him on his toes.  So that's the reason we haven't updated lately, there is no news to update!

On a better note, we heard from our landlord today that we can stay until November 30th now, and it looks like we're definitely going to need it.  Originally, we has discussed being out by October 31st for him to have time to show it before the weather got nasty, but with all the delays it looks like the house won't be done in time for us to move out and get the apartment cleaned up before then.


  1. Hi k&J: If I had to guess, you probably got screwed by the earthquake and hurricane. If you were slated for an inspection on the foundation before they could start the walls, your local inspectors probably got pulled to inspect government buildings, and then prep for massive amounts of rain. Its been a pretty unusual couple of weeks - I'm amazed that they've been able to make any progress in our neighborhood at all, but they have.

    I hope they get going soon - but once they do, it will go fast and I'm sure they can deliver in time for you to get robbed by little kids begging for candy.

  2. So sorry to hear about the delay on your house. Very frustrating that your PM didn't call and tell you about the delay and explain how it will effect your closing timeframe. Hopefully you get in contact today!

  3. I agree with Ravenna Ranter. I will also tell you that they typically do not have multiple framing crews and our PM told us that he does not allow them to start on one before they finish one. He said it is much better if they totally focus on one from start to finish instead of jumping around. The small detail framing work tends to get missed if they bounce around. It could also be that they are waiting on inspections like Ms. Ranter said. If the inspections have been done and you look around hard enough you can find the inspection stickers.

    This message is for everyone. If you PM does not bring up the issue of weekly communication at the pre-construction meeting you should. Our PM said he would call weekly(and has), but he also gave us his cell phone number and email address and said to contact him any time.