Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roof, Guardian Meeting, HVAC

Wow! These guys are moving quick now and its hard to keep up with all the progress.  The framing finished up Wednesday and the roof is up with shingles as of Friday.  All the windows are in and the doors have their hardware. The HVAC was installed on Friday and my hubby was in all his glory checking it out throughout the whole house.  They did cut one hole in the incorrect place in the dining room that the PM said is on the list to be fixed.  We had our guardian meeting on Friday to place all our outlets and keypads, etc which lasted all of 15 minutes.  Kind of disappointing that we had to rearrange our schedules for such a short amount of time, but its something else that is checked off the list.  After the meeting since we were already at the house, we took a good look at all the rooms and stayed for about an hour. I think this is the point where I'm "officially" excited.  It so cool to see it all coming together and to get a real sense of where I want things to go in each room.  I've even started to imagine how I want to decorate the space once we get in.  

While we were at the Guardian meeting we ran into our PM.  He's saying we're on track to deliver at the end of October, but we will know more at the pre-drywall meeting next Monday/Tuesday.  He ended up adding more guys to the framing crew to get us back on track and we didn't even know.  He's starting to redeem himself :)  On the list this week is for plumbing and electrical to be installed. We'll have our private inspector come out before the pre-drywall meeting so we know everything to tell the PM to fix at the pre-drywall meeting. We've also started our washer/dryer research which has been a bit confusing.  I thought I knew what I wanted and would stay in our budget, but after checking out one store, the salesman told us not to get top loaders due to vibration.  So, we're on to looking at front loaders, which I never wanted.  It seemed as all were out of our price range, but I think we finally found a good set at another store that we will order this week and have delivered after we move in.

Working hard on the roof

1st floor furnace

Second floor furnace in the attic

In the morning room.  Kitchen is over the ledge and family room is through the pantry closet

Sliding glass door in morning room, may be my favorite room... right now anyhow

The reason we got the 4' extension on the family room... extra pantry!

Anyone else have this?! Oil rubbed bronze on the exterior and brushed nickel on the interior for the door hardware.  All doors that are installed are like this.

Powder room behind silver duct, entrance straight ahead and formal living room to right


  1. Our outside vs. inside hardware is the same as yours!! Everything looks really good! Glad to hear it looks like you're still on schedule!

  2. Hi K&J! Its interesting that your salesperson told you that the top loaders caused a lot of vibration - I've always heard the opposite, that the front loaders vibrate a lot (ours does). But it might be that they are making the top loaders and front loaders the same - to spin super, super fast to get as much water out as possible. So, you might get the same vibration with either a front loader or top loader. I'll be interested to see what you end up deciding on.

  3. I was shocked when he said that also. We're going with a Samsung set that has a vibration reduction technology, so hopefully that helps. My husband understood what he was saying about the vibration of top loaders vs front loaders in the points that they are braced at. He said the new top loaders spin about 4 times as much as the top loaders even 2-3 years ago, so thats a lot!

  4. I have had both top and front loaders. My Front Loader vibrated WAY more than any top loader. I now have an LG top loader and will not own a front loader again.

    The important thing is that you are happy with your selection and you sound it! =)

  5. Two points here: You will get what you pay for regarding the front loader vs top loader. The cheaper they are the more they will vibrate. it also has to do with getting them perfectly level when you install them...if all four feet are not solidly on the floor it will vibrate like crazy no matter how much you pay. We have a 10 year old Maytag front loader(one of the first front loaders on the market). It doesn't vibrate at all. The best research is to read the reviews online, but know that most people only enter reviews when they are if you find tons of reviews complaining about the vibration you should probably stay away.

    Regarding the door hardware...that is exactly the combination we have.

  6. Wow - so exciting! We just got our tentative pre-construction date for the 11th and ground breaking on the 12th.

    As for the washers. We have the Samsung with the vibration reduction and I HATE it. Yes it minimizes vibration - but the way it does it is that when it starts to vibrate too much it shuts down, adds water, adjusts the load and tries to spin again. It will keep doing this until it can spin smoothly. This has add over 30 minutes to the spin cycle on occasion. At the same time it is doing all that, it is creating a huge balled up mess so that when you go to pull out the clothes, they are all tangled together and end up falling on the floor. Horrible. We are looking at going back to top load - one of the newer HE versions. I have been looking at the LG Wave - It has great reviews. Next choice was Sears or Home Depot. I have been told that Sears warranty work is horrible and looking at the prices for extended warranties, HD has Sears beat hands down. You get 4 years with HD for less than Sears's 2 year. So I think HD it will be. Luckily we can wait till Black Friday sales.

    So...was that long enough? Sorry.

    Can't wait to see more pictures as yours gets done.

  7. Oh, and the bronze. I would think with the cost of the bronze upgrade, that it would be EVERYTHING in bronze just like the models. I would not be happy with half and half. For us, the cost to upgrade to bronze was over $2k, and as I understood, it changed everything to bronze including the shower frame. We did not go with bronze since I just couldn't see paying that much.

  8. Gina K. Do you have the front load or top load Samsung and if you don't mind me asking how old they are? I'm soo confused on what to buy and waiting until the Black Friday deals will be too long, I think. We were set on the LG top load until the salesman said they vibrate too much. I'm going to have to do more research!

    And the bronze... we didn't upgrade to the bronze anywhere in our house either. I'm actually not a fan of how it looks, but I think it also looks weird with the doors having both.

  9. We bought our Samsung last year from Sears on Black Friday - it is a front load Doesn't look like Sears even carries it anymore. They were on sale for $1000 and then we got the pedestals plus delivery charges and hoses or something so the total was about $1550. Right now Sears is not offering free shipping, but HD is. Plus there is a government rebate for $75 on HE appliances - the rebate form is on Sears's website. I think it is $75 each for W&D!