Sunday, September 11, 2011

Framing Progress

The weather finally cleared up around here Friday afternoon and it has been sunny and in the low 80's for the entire weekend.  The framing crew was out in full force all weekend and have made some incredible progress.  They are really nice and don't mind us staying and watching them work; which we did Saturday and Sunday for about an hour or so each day.  We even took them some Gatorade to make sure they would stay hydrated from all the work in the sun.  Good news with all the sun is that the puddles on the floor in the morning and family rooms dried up.  It appeared they swept some of it out to help with the drying process.  PM told us with OSB that we shouldn't be too worried about the water and they would get it taken care of, which they did.  We still need to ask him if this week affected our closing date or if this was part of the two week buffer they build in.  Its fun going over to the house so much and seeing the other house's progress in our community.  Soon enough we'll be locked out and only be able to make it over to the house on Saturday and Sunday, so the next week or so we're going over as much as we can.
Saturday's Progress.  First floor framing complete and starting on second floor.

Stairs to 2nd floor installed

What we found Sunday when we returned.  Amazing what they can do in one work day!

Morning room to the left, family room to the right

We do have more windows than are shown in the pictures, they just haven't cut them from the wrap yet.  Also, didn't realize that the morning room has three windows, in my mind I was thinking it only had two, so I'm glad we didn't add any additional ones to the left side.  I think we'll have plenty of natural light with the three in the back and the sliding glass door.


  1. Very nice! It was also nice of ya'll to bring them drinks!

  2. Very cool. We are less than a mile away from our house so I can't wait to go by every day and watch them work. And we are very close to each other so we can follow each other in person! So cool.

  3. @Gina K Can't wait to see your new home start! Hopefully the weather will be nice to you to be done for the end of December and celebrate the new year in your house!

  4. And my birthday, too! My birthday is the 28th and they are saying we should have settlement the 29th. What a great birthday present. Not sure hubby will be able to go any bigger than that for any other birthday.

  5. What a great present! Hopefully you don't get delayed at all. We got held up in the permit process by 2-3 weeks and again with the lovely weather we've been having but ever since it's been moving quick!

  6. They are in high geat now...I am guessing that by now they have the second floor totally finished and the roof is probably on now too. We are lucky...our sales rep is so busy he is there way into the evening just about every day so no problem for us getting in to see the progress...that and the worker bees are always working late too.

    @Gina K - Thats what I told my wife her birthday present was this year...she was all smiles.