Sunday, November 6, 2011

Final Independent Inspection

Our final walkthrough with Ryan Homes was to be Friday, but on Monday it was delayed by our PM due to the tile issues still not being resolved.  He wants to present a complete house to us, which I understand, but we brought this issue up over two weeks ago.  Final walkthrough has been moved to Tuesday and we will be closing Wednesday or Thursday.  Not sure which date we're closing because PM says he needs until Thursday, but NVR is saying it is still Wednesday as originally scheduled.  We were given the green light to continue with our independent inspection on Saturday which lasted about 4 hours.  We went over every inch of the house and should receive the report to pass on to our PM today.  Nothing major came up, which was a relief.  Mostly cosmetic changes need to be made which include the tile issues in the bathroom needing fixed, some scratches on the hardwood, the refrigerator makes some weird noise when you open it, sump pump has a lot of dirt in it, emergency float switch on first level HVAC unit doesn't work at all, a couple windows don't open, tile in the morning room wasn't laid exactly flat so there are gaps, and one place in the bedroom has a squeaky floor.  We're hoping all these issues, big or small, are fixed before we move in. Sod was installed on Thursday, driveway was paved and mailbox is up.  So exciting to see the address on the mailbox :)  Anyone with sod know if they "roll" over it with a steamroller type thing to smooth it out?  Its very wavy in the backyard and I'm concerned with this when it comes time to mow the lawn it will be choppy.  Other than what we've found I'm very happy with the house, hoping things will move smoothly this week.
Our current living room with some boxes ready to move!

Hardwood in foyer

Carpet in family room and formal living room.  The 2nd floor, dining room, & stairs are a bit lighter.
Outside view...looks so different with the sod and driveway paved!

My kitchen! Not crazy about the side by side, but we'll see if I get used to it.


  1. OMG, I can't believe you guys are just about finished! So excited for you. I hope they get your punch list done before settlement. Sounds like a lot of pretty important things - windows not opening - not acceptable! Good luck!

  2. Everything looks fantastic. One question: What is the emergency float switch on the HVAC. Is it to pump the condensation to the sump pump or outside?