Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Settled

We're still here and catching up on everyone's progress! Can't believe how fast time has gone and we've been in for almost 3 weeks. We're getting furniture ordered to fill this empty house, but it won't be here until after the New Year.   Our 30 days walk through is next Friday, so we are getting our list of things together.  Nothing major, so we're thankful for that.  Below are some pics of our place now that we're settled.  We're ordering binds and installing curtains this weekend so it will look more complete.  Can't wait to get it all decorated for Christmas!

Her backside and a good idea of how big our yard is.

Morning Room

Formal living room.  Our Christmas tree is going here this year, so all the decorations are in those boxes.

Foyer... LOVE the hardwood!

View from the sitting area at the top of the foyer

2nd Bath

Sitting area in master

Master Bedroom

Master Bath,  love the granite and cabinets together!

Jacuzzi tub, shower to the right, toilet to the left and 2nd walk in closet straight ahead

As I'm uploading these, I realized how hard it is to get an accurate picture of the size of the rooms, but you can get an idea.  Also, didn't upload any pictures of the other rooms, because there isn't anything in them and they all look the same!


  1. Your house is massive! Everything seems to be coming along nicely. Congratulations again!

  2. So jealous, but it will be our turn in 30 days! Love your stone, looks very familiar. ;). Can't wait to see it all decorated for Christmas. No decorating for us this year since we will be all packed up to move. We'll have a tree but not all my usual decorations. Have you figured out where to hang your towels in the bathroom? I think it is a flaw in the design - the model shows them over the tub, but I don't want to go way over there to get my towel. Guess we will have to get an over the door hanger.

  3. Looks like ya'll are getting all settled in! It looks great!

  4. I am so in love with the stones on the exterior of your home! The hardwood in the foyer is gorgeous! Glad you all are settling in! Enjoy it!

  5. Your house looks beautiful and looks like everything is coming together. Enjoy your new home!! :o)

  6. Thanks all!!
    @Gina K... so frustrated about the towel bars... but there isn't a good place to put them in the master. You will see in your powder room its probably not in a convenient place either, so we bought hand towel rings to install

  7. I was thinking of getting these and putting them on the back of the door or on the shower glass.

  8. The exterior stone is beautiful. I feel ya on the empty house thing. I had these delusional ideas that once we were in we would head out and buy lots of furniture to fill rooms but as it gets closer, reality has me thinking it will have to go a little slower then my delusions had me believing.

  9. Congrats...everything looks great. How did your 30 day go. Would love to see pictures of the blinds and curtains.

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  11. Hello Fellow Ryan home owner! I'm not sure if you still get comments from this blog but I had to ask. Ryan is giving me all kinds of issues about moving the garage access door to the back of the house. They want to charge me extra money to move it. Did you have the same experience?